Construction Services Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster & Sullivan Counties NY

We can build your dream home from the ground up on your lot or we can help you find the perfect lot for your home design. Whether you need someone to manage one stage of construction for your new home or the entire project, we can bring your vision to a reality.

For example, we can provide excavation services such as foundation, septic, road and final grading work in collaboration with your homebuilder.

We also offer options for high performance/green built homes. You can pick and choose features that align with your needs or even get the home certified as an Energy Star Certified Home or labeled through the National Green Building Standard.

Energy Star Certified Homes

Besides just energy savings, at John Boris our energy star homes offer homeowners a more durable and comfortable home. Homes built to this standard must have 3rd party inspections that confirm compliance with water management checklists, insulation/air sealing checklists, and HVAC checklists.

National Green Building Standard (NGBS)

If you're looking to go further than energy star and things like indoor air quality, water conservation, sustainable building practices appeal to you then this may be for you. Besides the features energy star homes offer NGBS homes offer options in 6 categories. Lot design, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and operation/maintenance. You pick items you'd like to implement from the 6 categories until you meet a minimum threshold for the home to be certified at the Bronze level. Implementing more of the features can help you to climb the ladder into achieving high ratings of Silver, GOLD, or even EMERALD. The higher rating levels are a reflection of the overall green features in the home.

3rd party testing and inspections is a big part of achieving certification in these standards. Troy Hodas of Spruce Mountain Inc is both a HERS Rater for the Energy Star New Construction Program and a Verifier for the National Green Building Standard. He would not only help with the planning of the project but would follow up with inspections throughout and performance testing at the end to ensure the highest quality.You can reach John Boris by mobile phone : (845) 629-8428
or email :